Guidelines and Rules

Welcome developers! We encourage a community of trainers and people interested in sports activities to take full advantage of the myAPI for Developers to add brand new features and HRV data to their applications. You do need to attribute your use of the myAPI for Developers while also avoiding any impression that your application is developed or sponsored by mySASY a. s.. To use myAPI for Developers content, you need to comply with simple guidelines.

mySASY Logos

All apps must display the “Powered by mySASY” logo or “Compatible with mySASY” logo on all websites, apps and any distributable media such as images, videos or prints. No variations or modifications are acceptable.

  • 3 colour options: light, grey, white
  • in EPS, SVG and PNG formats
  • horizontal and stacked versions
Download (.zip 890 kB) ›

Connect with mySASY buttons

All applications have to use the buttons “mySASY account” given below to connect users to their mySASY account on

  • 2 color options: light and red
  • in EPS, SVG and PNG formats
  • button height: 48px @1x, 96px @2x
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Use of the mySASY Name and Trademark

You can make truthful, factual references to mySASY in plain-text descriptions of your application’s features and benefits. You must not use the mySASY name in your application name or make any other suggestion that your application is an official mySASY app or is otherwise endorsed by mySASY.

When referring to interoperability with mySASY you must use one of the following:
  • “Powered by mySASY”
  • “Compatible with mySASY”

When referencing our company name use “mySASY”. The mySASY name and logos are all protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. mySASY reserves the right to cancel, modify or change these guidelines or the Guidelines - myAPI for Developers at any time at its sole discretion.

Using myAPI is for free

You may use all provided endpoints for free with certain limits that you can check also via myAPI for developers here.

Ensure secure handling of mySASY data

You may not collect, store, aggregate, analyze or transmit any data distributed through myAPI for developers (collectively mySASY data) in any way, except as expressly permitted for your application.

You agree not to transfer or disclose any information to third parties. You may not, directly or indirectly, publish, sell, license or rent any mySASY data to any third party, including but not limited to advertisers or data intermediaries, even if your user of the application agrees.