The myAPI for Developers is an interface providing developers with an access to HRV data from the mySASY system, which gives your clients an additional dimension of their training and delivers them the most accurate and science validated information to increase their training effectivity. All interface endpoints can be tested and if interested in more details, feel free to contact us at api@mysasy.com.


mySASY has been used by coaches and athletes to reach maximal effectiveness of their training through the most accurate and understandable morning diagnostics, called Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability (SA HRV), which is the only fully scientifically validated algorithm with ability to separate reactions of each branch of an autonomic nervous system.

At mySASY, we are uncompromisingly focused on the preciseness, hence we have invested more than 3 years of research into shortening the full 15 min SA HRV measurement time into 4 min. In this period of time, we have gathered data of more than 300 000 full measurements to fine tune the algorithm.

Integration with mySASY will give your clients the most accurate information about their:

  1. regeneration strength
  2. activation strength
  3. actual readiness
  4. long-term trainability

Special Offer

We are open for a collaboration with you, so together we can develop algorithms, which could tailor the training scheme for any athlete in the world with high and guaranteed effectivity. Such scheme would definitelly bring the revolution not just to the AI training prescription.

Benefit summary

mySASY HRV can bring your clients the most precise insight into their body reaction on everyday training routine and if they connect it with the precise record of the daily training, they can increase the effectiveness of the training in per cent units which is confirmed by sports science (see any science article about the impact of HRV on sports performance).

Major benefits for individuals

  • mySASY profile = athletes discover their long term adaptation capacity, which is essential to recognize the level of trainability.
  • myCompensation = athlete receives, after every measurement, information if they should adjust the training intensity or load to receive best training effect (which is confirmed by science e.g. here: Article)
  • myHRV (consumption, refuelling, total power) = very detailed information about the power of both branches of athlete’s autonomic nervous system, essential in recognizing potential threats (such as virosis, infection, chronic stress, nutritional complications, chronic fatigue, or overtraining). Professional athletes use this information also to adjust their daily training in the greatest detail possible.
  • direct access to an individual account = some athletes like to discover more and more of their mySASY results or they need to upgrade their program, so they sometimes enter their mySASY account directly on our platform

Major benefits for coaches (teams)

  • mySASY profile = coach can recognize potential threats or talents in their group so they can discover overtrained athletes, athletes with untapped potential or avoid injuries.
  • myCompensation = coach can every day very easily compare the group of athletes and split the group to those who will have slightly milder training, who will have regular training and who need harder training to make the most of every group training.
  • myHRV (consumption, refuelling, total power) = coach can manage the individual training of any athlete even remotely, since this information gives them all needed information about the body reaction on previous training load and daily routine.
  • hiding an individual result = some athletes are too sensitive to resist the information that their body is sometimes not ready to train hard and coaches are aware of that, so, especially before important games or competitions, they need to disallow athletes to see their mySASY results and we can provide that.


Make sure, that your users will understand HRV data and features obtained from our API correctly. We share the best practices and give you some tips on how to implement offered data. Enjoy!

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Guidelines and Rules

Welcome developers! We encourage a community of trainers and people interested in sports activities to take full advantage of the myAPI for Developers to add brand new features and HRV data to their applications.

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